How to use Scratch Remover

Scratch & Swirl Remover can be applied by hand or with an orbital.Cover any rubber or trim with masking tape to avoid white residue.

1. Vehicle should be out of the sun, either in the shade or garage.
2. Make sure paint is clean and dry. (For best results, wash and claybar the vehicle to remove any contaminants in the paint).
3. Apply a few penny size drops to clean applicator pad and gently rub onto the affected area in an circular overlapping pattern.
4. Keep rubbing the product into the surface as you notice it disappearing. Continue until it is almost completely dissolved.
5. Using a clean and dry microfiber polish until all product is wiped off.

Warning: Do not use on any rubber or trim pieces.Should be used on painted surfaces only.
Caution: Harmful if swallowed. Eye irritant. Avoid contact with eyes. If swallowed, or if any irritation continues after flushing with water seek immediate medical attention. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

You can see a few videos that our customers filmed below: