No, not necessarily needed. You just have to make sure that your vehicle is clean before using the product.

Here's a more detailed guide:

1. Vehicle should be out of the sun, either in the shade or garage.

2. Make sure the car is clean and dry. (For best results, wash and claybar the vehicle to remove any contaminants in the paint).

3. Apply a few penny size drops to clean the applicator pad and gently rub onto the affected area in a circular overlapping pattern.

4. Keep rubbing the product into the surface as you notice it disappearing. Continue until it is almost completely dissolved.

5. Using a clean and dry microfiber, polish until all product is wiped off.

Also, we have a few demo videos that you can review on this page: Carfidant Instruction Videos.

Our Swirl & Scratch Remover is universal and would work on any car color, it is formulated to work on scratches that are in the clearcoat and not down to the metal, if the scratches can be felt to the touch or if you see metal, it can only help reduce it a bit, but not remove it.

The hazy or cloudy residue you're seeing needs to be polished out. There are a few possible reasons why it happened:

  • The product was applied on a dirty car.
  • The product was applied with a different polishing pad or towel.
  • The product was applied with too much pressure.

However, the pressure may have been required in order to get the scratch out. If the car is black, it is very sensitive to any imperfections, so things are more visible.

But no worries, this can be polished out by:

  1. Using a clean polishing pad on a clean car, putting some more product and polish in a circular motion.
  2. Do not put a lot of pressure, just a little, and keep going.
  3. Lastly, wipe it off with a microfiber towel.
Yes, it does come with a sponge. But you are free to use any sponge / applicator you prefer.
No, you don't need to have a electric buffer - our Scratch & Swirl Remover comes with it's own sponge/applicator.
Our Scratch & Swirl Remover comes with it's own sponge / applicator but you're free to use any applicator you want. But it'd be best to use the applicator it comes with.

To clean the pads effectively, follow these steps:

1. Fill a bucket with hot water and add dishwashing soap to create a soapy solution.

2. Place the pads in the bucket and let them soak for approximately 10 minutes.

3. Hand wash the pads thoroughly, making sure to remove any dirt or stains.

4. Rinse the pads well with clean water.

5. Finally, allow the pads to air dry completely before using them again.

This cleaning process will help maintain the pads in good condition and ensure they are ready for their next use.

Our scratch and swirl remover is a light to medium polish specifically formulated to be 100% safe to use by hand or with a machine. It is designed to be user-friendly, even for individuals who have never polished a vehicle before, as long as the instructions are followed.

If you notice imperfections after polishing, perhaps from a dry or dirty polishing pad or applying too much pressure, follow these steps:

1. Use the same pad, ensuring it is 100% clean and has an adequate amount of product.

2. Apply light to medium pressure in a circular motion for several minutes.

3. Wipe off with a microfiber towel to check the results.

It depends on the scratch; the Scratch & Swirl Remover is formulated to work on scratches that are in the clearcoat and not down to the metal. If the scratches can be felt to the touch or if you see metal, it can only help reduce it a bit, but not remove it.

We recommend sealing the scratch remover with our Ceramic Coating Spray for the best results.

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