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milPRO Automotive Paint Meter
The best way to buy a used car!

Carfidant milPRO is a sophisticated electronic paint thickness gauge that will help you verify whether a car has been previously wrecked, totaled or repainted by electronically measuring the thickness of the paint throughout the body of the vehicle. This is a must have product for anyone shopping for a used car or detailing his or her own!

Carfidant milPRO Paint Thickness Gauge carfidant
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About the milPRO Paint Meter

How Does Carfidant milPRO Help?

Paint tool helps avoid previously damaged cars!

Protect your safety by avoiding previously damaged cars!

Previously damaged cars are inferior in many ways. Safety is the primary concern. The possibility of electrical issues, structural problems, as well as suspension/drivetrain issues is limitless and virtually unpredictable even after considerably minor accidents. It is nearly impossible to repair a car back to 100% even for the best professionals. Unfortunately, when these cars are being repaired, priority is usually given to cosmetic issues while the mechanics/safety are almost always secondary. You would never know, for example, that a subframe was welded instead of replaced after an accident until it causes serious and dangerous issues.

Paint tool helps avoid the mechanic

Previously damaged cars cost much more in the long run – avoid the mechanic.

Previously damaged cars can cost more to maintain in the long-run: usually needing much more expensive and complicated repairs than their all-original counterparts. Issues can arise gradually, but as a result of the damage or accident. Just because it drives and operates fine today, does not mean it will not break tomorrow. A car that has been previously in an accident, even if repaired well, is never in as good condition as one that has not had any damage – given they are in equal condition of course. Previously repaired and repainted cars are much more prone to rust, suspension component failure, complicated electrical problems, water leaks, bad fuel economy, premature tire wear and other problems.

Paint tool helps check even new cars

Think a NEW Car will not have any of these issues? Think again.

If you are thinking of avoiding potential issues by either buying brand new, or leasing, be cautious. Even new cars are driven short distances when they have to be transported or parked outside in parking lots. Frequently cars are damaged in one way or another before delivery to the buyer. These damages are never reported and are usually fixed right away by the dealer without anyone ever knowing the truth. Furthermore, many dealers are officially allowed to repaint and repair these "brand new" vehicles and still sell them at full retail price. A vehicle like this is unfortunately still considered “new” because it has not been registered to an owner yet. Please avoid paying top dollar for an inferior vehicle.

Paint tool is the best bargaining tool against a car dealer

It is the best bargaining tool against a car dealer.

For years this type of tool was available only to elite car dealers because of its expensive price tag and exclusivity to dealer networks. For the first time it is now available to you at a low cost rental rate or a full purchase depending on your needs. Car Dealers will never expect a regular customer to walk in with one of these tools; this is the only way to have leverage against a car dealer. You should never pay market price for a previously damaged vehicle.

Paint tool is easy enough for anyone to use

The Carfidant milPRO is crucial to anyone who is detailing a car!

If you are detailing a car it is very important to use a paint meter to check and monitor the paint thickness as you polish and wet-sand a vehicle. It is very easy to burn through and damage the clearcoat if you are not careful. By using the Carfidant milPRO paint meter you can measure how much clearcoat you are removing so you can be sure when to stop or what areas to avoid altogether. Accidentally damaging the clearcoat can be a very costly mistake.

Paint tool is more reliable than CarFax/AutoCheck

The Carfidant Tool is more reliable than CarFax/AutoCheck

The Carfidant milPRO is the only way to truly know whether a car’s body is fully original or not. Neither CarFax nor Autocheck can verify this. These services only provide what was officially reported to the authorities or other private sources. You can imagine how many accidents and other issues are never officially reported. You can also use the Carfidant milPRO to check an unlimited amount of cars. Depending on the vehicle, we still recommend running a vehicle history report from Carfax or Autocheck to check for any paperwork related issues (branded titles, odometer rollbacks, etc.).

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