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Carfidant Paint Checker Tool

Carfidant milPRO is a sophisticated electronic paint thickness gauge that will help you verify whether a car has been previously wrecked, totaled or repainted by electronically measuring the thickness of the paint throughout the body of the vehicle. This is a must have product for anyone shopping for a used car or detailing his or her own!

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Paint Meter Tool


Protect your safety by avoiding previously damaged cars!

Paint tool helps avoid previously damaged cars!

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Previously damaged cars cost much more in the long run – avoid the mechanic.

Paint tool helps avoid the mechanic

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Think a NEW Car will not have any of these issues? Think again.

Paint tool helps check even new cars

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It is the best bargaining tool against a car dealer.

Paint tool is the best bargaining tool against a car dealer

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The Carfidant milPRO is crucial to anyone who is detailing a car!

Paint tool is easy enough for anyone to use

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The Carfidant Tool is more reliable than CarFax/AutoCheck

Paint tool is more reliable than CarFax/AutoCheck

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Use the Carfidant Tool to find the perfect vehicle for you at the best possible price.

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