Carfidant is proud to introduce the milPRO Paint Thickness Gauge!

What if you could physically inspect an automobile’s body in the same way a doctor would examine an x-ray? Now you can! Have confidence in the next car you buy! Designed exclusively by automotive professionals and enthusiasts, the Carfidant milPRO is an essential electronic device that will help physically identify previously wrecked and repainted vehicles. The Carfidant milPRO is a sophisticated and precise paint meter that will electronically measure the paint thickness on a vehicle’s surface. By measuring the paint thickness you can quickly and easily distinguish original areas from repainted or repaired areas of the vehicle. This is the only way to physically inspect the whole vehicle body for previous accidents or body work. This is an essential device which is much more accurate than any vehicle history report (such as Carfax or Autocheck) for determining previous paintwork or accident damage - which can only show you reported information. Furthermore, with the Carfidant milPRO you know exactly where the damage was, so you can inspect that area further. The milPRO was specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive dealers, car enthusiasts, detailing professionals as well as any car shopper looking for a quality used auto. The Carfidant milPRO is a secret weapon in any car shopper’s arsenal - truly giving you leverage against a dishonest car dealer. It is also essential to anyone who is serious about detailing his or her vehicle. And finally, it is an absolute must for any auto dealer.