Terms & Conditions

1.Carfidant.com and Carfidant will both refer to Carfidant.com, Inc. interchangeably.

2.Carfidant.com only sells and rents the Carfidant milPRO, a paint thickness gauge/paint meter. We provide instructions on how to use the tool and interpret the readings, however we are not responsible for interpretations of those readings.

3.The Carfidant milPRO is only available for sale on www.Carfidant.com as well as authorized retailers. Purchasing the milPRO from an unauthorized retailer voids any warranty or support services.

4. The Carfidant milPRO rental paint meters are the sole property of www.Carfidant.com. You are legally required to return the milPRO paint meter once your rental period is expired.

  1. Any sale or resale of the rental equipment is strictly forbidden.

5.The Carfidant milPRO will discover most repaired and repainted vehicles however it is not 100% guaranteed. We offer no expressed or implied warranties as to the accuracy of the reading and the interpretations of the readings. In very rare cases cars can be repainted to pass this test, however this kind of labor is very expensive and is mostly exclusive to exotic vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

6.The Carfidant Tool only work on F Type (Ferrous – Steel) and NF Type (Non-Ferrous – Aluminum) metals. It will not work on car body panels made of plastic, fiberglass, glass, etc.

7. Carfidant.com is not responsible for any damage to the paint surface of a car (or any other possible damage that may occur as a result of using this tool). The milPRO must never be dragged against the car surface. It should be pressed in one spot until a reading is given and then removed, the process must be repeated for every additional reading.

8.Carfidant.com is not responsible for equipment accuracy and battery life during your rental period. All units are tested, calibrated and have their batteries checked before being sent out, however due to uncontrollable shipping conditions (ex. Temperature) we cannot guarantee this. The customer is responsible for replacing the batteries if they fail while the tool is in their possession. We will not send replacement batteries and will not reimburse you for batteries you purchase on your own.

9. milPRO Rentals Only.
The customer is fully responsible for the equipment from the date and time of delivery, until the date and time the return package is scanned into the post office. It is absolutely necessary that when you are returning the equipment you have the post office scan the prepaid label we provided you with. DO NOT drop off the return package in mailbox! You will be responsible if it is lost and was not scanned into acceptance by the post office! PLEASE CONTACT US IF THE PREPAID SHIPPING LABEL IS DAMAGED AND YOU NEED A REPLACEMENT!

  1. If the equipment is damaged while in customer possession, the customer is responsible for the cost and labor of refurbishing the unit ($399.99) – the original unit must still be returned.
  2. The tool is not waterproof and should be treated with care. Do not expose to water, or very damp climates. Do not expose to extreme temperatures, below freezing or above 50 degrees Celsius.
  3. The customer may not under any circumstances disassemble or modify Carfidant milPRO in any way, otherwise we will be required to refurbish the unit and charge the cost associated with such.
  4. If the tool you received was damaged at the time you received, it you must report this to us within 12 hours of receiving the item. Please include your full name and order number. Please use the contact form on our Support page or give us a call with all details.
  5. The rental period starts on the day the tool is delivered. (Regardless of any estimation given on our website.)
  6. The Cafidant milPRO rental must be returned to the post office on the day following the last day of your rental period. (Regardless of any estimation given on our website.) For example if your item is delivered on a Monday and you have a 7 day rental, than you must return the package with the prepaid USPS shipping label to the post office by end of business day the following Monday. Failure to return the milPRO back to Carfidant.com will be treated as theft and the customer will be charged a replacement fee of $399.99. In addition Carfidant.com reserves the right to contact law enforcement agencies in order to retrieve its property and report any event in which a loss, theft or destruction took place.
  7. All shipment timeframes are estimated. We provide various shipping services through USPS, however we do not guarantee delivery by the stated estimated delivery dates. We will always do our best to make sure the items are shipped as soon as possible.
  8. Carfidant milPRO rental must be returned in the original condition and packaging that the customer received it in. The package includes a prepaid USPS First Class Mail return label. This label must be used for return shipping. It is prepaid; however it must be scanned in by the post office manually when the item is returned. If the label is damaged or misplaced, please contact us for a replacement.
  9. Rental late fees are charged at a daily rate of $19.99 for every day past the day of return for all unreported late returns. If you wish to extend the rental time period please call us at 800-705-9926 or contact us via the Support page and we will be happy to offer you a reasonable rate for the extension.
  10. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued to rentals returned early. Please select the rental period that fits your needs best.
  11. A refund can only be issued if the item has not been shipped out yet. If you made a rental order and would like to cancel it please contact us right away!
  12. The customer agrees that their decision to purchase a vehicle is solely their decision and is not based on any advice or recommendation from Carfidant.com or from the Carfidant milPRO readings, or the opinions of Carfidant.com staff.
  13. The customer agrees to hold Carfidant and its agents free from any and all liability arising from the use of the Carfidant milPRO, including without limitation, personal injury and damage to property.
  14. Carfidant reserves the right to deny service or sale to any individual or company.
  15. Carfidant reserves the right to secure a hold on your credit card for the full value of the Carfidant milPRO at any time during your rental period and for the duration of the period until the unit is returned back to us in full working condition.
  16. Carfidant reserves the right to place any orders on hold until further verification is done by our fraud department.
  17. Rental orders only. Carfidant will ship the Carfidant milPRO as soon as it is available. There may be times when the product is out of stock which will delay the order. Carfidant does not make any guarantee as to availability of the equipment. Any estimate of the availability and ship date is based on the assumption that each customer returns their equipment within the prescribed rental period. If you wish to cancel the order please contact us through the Contact Us link on our website.
  18. The customer is fully liable for all accessories that are included in the package, including the carrying case and batteries. The customer is fully liable for the replacement cost of any missing items.
  19. Carfidant.com reserves the right to void and cancel any order or promotion for any reason including site error or malfunction.
  20. The customer must notify Carfidant about any disputes arising from the Terms & Conditions, or any other Carfidant policy.
  21. Any and all disputes will be handled in a good faith manner. If a dispute is left unresolved, it shall be adjudicated by a third party dispute resolution specialist, NOT a judge or jury. Any and all decision made by the mediator shall be final. It is the duty of the customer to pay any and all fees associated with dispute resolution. The proper and only venue available is: New York State, Orange County.

The customer agrees to Carfidant.com Privacy Policy and Refund/Return Policy.