• The Carfidant milPRO is a sophisticated and precise paint meter (paint thickness gauge) that will electronically measure the paint thickness on a vehicle’s surface. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive dealers, car enthusiasts, detailing professionals as well as any car shopper.

  • The milPRO is very simple to use. Just turn it on by pressing the power button and then touch/press the probe against the specific spot on the vehicle you want to measure. You will automatically get a reading, then just pick it up and place it on the next spot and you will get the reading for that spot. After you get all the readings done on the car you will be able to tell which, if any, body panels have issues.

  • Yes, it is very easy to use. You turn it on, and just press/touch the tool against any body panel, you will get a reading each time as you go around the car. Using the simple guidelines in our instruction manual, you will be able to understand what these readings mean and compare them to each other to figure out problematic areas. Basically, the idea here is that as long as all body panels have readings in the same range (meaning the thickness of the paint is the same everywhere) the car should be all original. If there are any drastic changes (less or more) in the thickness in certain areas, those areas might have been damaged and worked on before.

  • The Carfidant milPRO will work on all vehicles that have Steel or Aluminum body panels. It works on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This includes almost all vehicles on the road, with very rare exceptions.
    • The tool will not work on plastic (such as many bumpers), fiberglass, glass, etc. panels. This should not be a concern on most vehicles. If you are interested in examining a rare vehicle, such as a rare exotic vehicle we advise you to check with the manufacturer what the body panels are made of.

  • We require signatures for all packages that we ship. Please make sure that someone is available at the billing address to sign for the package.

  • We use USPS for all our shipments. (First Class Mail is FREE; other options of Priority and Express Mail are also available)

  • No, we cannot guarantee this 100%, as there is room for user error and interpretation. The Carfidant milPRO gives you a paint thickness reading, which must be compared around the whole car and then interpreted against the instructions we provide you with – this is usually very easy and will lead you to the correct results almost all of the time. We cannot factor in human error into the process. Therefore we sell/rent the tool as a way to help you decide which car is better, or rather which is original and has not been worked on before. The final decision, however, is completely yours and we cannot take any liability for any interpretations or misinterpretations of readings or damage you may find in the future. We are also not responsible for incorrect readings given by the Carfidant milPRO (even though we do calibrate all units before shipment). We simply sell & rent the milPRO paint meter to you, which you can use to measure the thickness of paint on metal body panels. However, you should know that on very rare occasions even cars that have been worked on may be very hard to distinguish – this would probably actually mean that the labor that went into repairing the vehicle was done very well (usually stripping the whole old paint and repainting like new). This is not something that is done normally as it is very expensive, and is usually reserved only for very expensive classic and exotic vehicles.

  • Yes! The Carfidant milPRO paint meter can be used to help anyone who wants to professionally detail his or her car. By measuring the thickness of the paint you can be sure how much paint or clearcoat you are polishing off and prevent “burning” through the paint. We always recommend using a paint meter when polishing or wetsanding a vehicle.

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